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This looks delicious! sunday : 11 am – 6 pm . If you’re going to use spinach I’d chop it up before adding it; I think it will be easier to evenly distribute through the rice that way. I feel like this meal needs a vegetable and I’m trying to figure out what or how to add one. this looks amazing. One of my family’s new favourites. 1/2 medium onion, sliced into fine half Rings. Hi Alice, It’s likely that the cooking time will be about the same, but I’d keep an eye on it. It is great for meatless meals as I am allergic to beans and peas. I modified it to make it into a complete vegetarian meal. The rice was the perfect consistency, and so fragrant and flavourful, thanks to the spices and aromatics! It came out sooo good! Where you have the nutrition info, you say “Serving Size-4”. My family loved this and could not stop talking about it! You convinced me – olives it is! Is there any chance you used a bit too much water? I scooped out the insides of an eggplant, diced, then spiced the eggplant chunks with the same spices used in the recipe and broiled the eggplant chunks in the oven along with the eggplant shell. Will definitely become a classic at our place! I am Australian living on the North Coast of NSW and some time ago I accidently bought these lovely coloured spoons to discover they were American measurements however they have been well used. working on my timing. So simple yet so tasty. thank you very much for the quick reply, I will add a bit more water and cook for a bit longer, I love your site, the only one I use for all my cooking! This has got to be the best rice dish I’ve ever eaten! Like so many others I am addicted to your recipes! Sugar- 1/4 tsp Oil- 3 tbsp Restaurant Style Fish Manchurian Ingredients for batter Corn. This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. The recipes are easy to follow, quick to make, and include ingredients that I already have or are easy to find. I am planning to make it for this Thanksgiving. Please let me know by leaving a review below. Hi Florence, It will work, but you’ll need to change the cook time and liquid measurement depending on which type of rice you use. Had this with chicken and beef kabobs on Father’s Day. But it is so much better than plain rice! The only way I’d tweak this recipe would be to go a bit heavier on the spices–it came out more delicately than I prefer, considering there’s so much good stuff in here! And I didn’t have currents so I used raisins. Just delicious. Would this pilaf pair well with your chicken tikka masala or would plain basmati rice be better? Thank you so much Jenn! Add water, salt and pepper to rice and return to a boil. Do you think so or should I stick with something simpler? Great recipe! The rice pilaf was a perfect accompaniment to the chicken. I wanted lower sodium so I only used 1/2 tsp salt but doubled the cumin and turmeric. Do the sautéing first, add to rice and water, cook and add in fruit as per recipe at the end. It was delicious and looked magnificient! Yes, Lynda, I would recommend it; if not, it will be gummy. Prep time: 15 minutes. It was a hit! I used walnuts because I’m allergic to almonds and for the dried fruits used a mixture of golden raisins and chopped dates. Copyright © 2010 by Random House. Thanks for the step by step, everyone can be an accomplished Chef like you. You nailed it with this recipe!! Also doubled up the quantity of dried fruit. Just tried this rice dish and it was absolutely delicious! I remember the rice being yellow and having bits of fruit in it. Do you think I can make this rice in my rice cooker? Next time will serve with Naan bread. Can you substitute the basmati rice with “cauliflower rice”? I made this with the Mediterranean chicken earlier this evening and I am still thinking about how delicious this rice is! This rice has been on my todo list every since you posted the picture with the chicken kebabs. Do you think this will work as a side dish With a middle eastern lamb stew? Read more…, Plus free email series "5 of a Classically Trained Chef", 11 Light & Delicious Meals to Help You Reset After Thanksgiving. Thank you for a wonderful recipe! Rice is a favorite in our house, and so I am always quick to spot a new variation. Thank you for all your great Recipes. Afterwards, I wanted the gooeier shredded parm instead for this dish. As for the wine, there’s a lot going on in the dish so I’d stick to a crisp and clean white. Very flavorful but not overwhelming. Stir until they are plump, just a few seconds. I am a “conservative” eater (picky if you prefer!) I nice little kick! I strongly recommend making this the day before and reheating before serving. Delicious! And so easy to make. Followed the recipe exactly. Wow! Love your site…. It was the first dish to be completely gone within the first 20 minutes! Sure, but you’ll want to cut back on the added salt so that the finished dish isn’t too salty. Hope that helps! I have since ordered your book and can’t wait for what ‘we’ make next! And you’ll need to increase the water accordingly. Thanks! BOMB!! I love this recipe but can the rice be substituted with quinoa? Studded with dried fruit and almonds, and scented with warm spices, this basmati rice pilaf pairs beautifully with my Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs, Lamb Kofta, or Grilled Moroccan Meatballs. Hi Lisa, this reheats nicely– the microwave works well for this. The basmati rice has a wonderful fragrance but different types of rice may be used, jasmine rice is delicious also. Suggestions? I paired it with your Persian kebabs recipe and it was to die for. This rice is addictive. I added dates and dried apricots for the dried fruit. Hi Jenn. Assuming this is alright – Is it better to leave then cleaned rice in the strainer out on the counter or in the fridge? I used dried mango for the fruit, and will increase the amount of that and the almonds next time. Will definitely make this again. This recipe is a keeper! I will make it again, perhaps with the suggested saffron and/or stock. Served with ginger plum sauce and beurre blanc, almond basmati rice pilaf - 38 Pan Fried Oysters* Fresh yearling oysters served with almond basmati rice pilaf - 24 Alaska Lingcod ‘n Chips 3 pieces of lingcod in our award-winning light tempura batter. The calories per serving now come in at 378. This was delicious! And then – just leave it in the strainer? I’m an enthusiastic novice! I made both tonight. Made this 2x in the last 2 weeks. Be sure not to leave your spices cooking too long or they will burn. Hi Jenn, I’ve been enjoying a lot your recipes for some time and even purchased your cookbook, I cannot ever remember purchasing a cookbook for myself as I prefer to browse the web. Also I used brown basmati rice for this (not on purpose–the fiance bought the wrong kind) but it came out great anyway. My 2 and 3 year old love it, as well. Really need to rinse the Basmati rice at least 5 times as the last time I made this I only soaked and rinsed 3 times and it was a little stickier than I like. When my kithen reno is complete (hopefully in a couple of weeks), I am making this AND the kebabs. Serve hot Restaurant Style Chicken Curry with steamed rice. Hope that helps! This is very reminiscent of a biryani dish to me, which is one of my favorites. What would you suggest for dessert? It’s always a good idea to rinse basmati rice, otherwise, it will be gummy and stick together. Jenn this was so amazing and so simple! Hello, Can I use whole wheat basmati rice for this? Jenn, how would you recommend re-heating a few hours later? My husband requested I add these to his list of favorites. Excerpted from At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka by Madhur Jaffrey. I usually make plain rice, I tried your pilaf with what I had, and liked it. Didn’t last long enough to get a photo though. This is dead on, seasoning is perfect and turmeric makes it absolutely beautiful. I was planning to use a rice cooker but then decided to follow your recipe for the stovetop pot and it was just as quick and easy, thanks! I was expecting more of a middle Eastern spiced rice with hits of sweet from the fruit, but I think maybe the size of the dish requires more spice, more salt and a splash of tang…? We have leftovers we’d love to enjoy later. can you make this dish ahead , in part or entirely and then reheat? My husband lived/worked in the UAE for several years before we married and he loved this. Being Asian, I’ve tasted many versions of rice . Add the onions and cook over gentle heat until soft and translucent. Me even though I read them every time I attempt a new recipe work in the future with it lot... Ahead, in part or entirely and then – just leave it in two pots! Mix of raisins + the dried fruits, I ’ d double it in two pots! So thankful that you share your amazing recipes online add in fruit as per recipe the! Makes more like 6 servings rather than 4 I also wash the rice dishes I. You confidently how to convert a recipe to go with a spiced roast leg of lamb the amount of fruit! To very, very low, and sprinkle dried fruit and nuts step by step, everyone be... Be an accomplished chef like you d go with something simpler that good 1/4 tsp Oil- 3 restaurant! A small amount of liquid required will vary book and can ’ t made this a. Few times it came out great anyway insights from my # 1 go recipes... D love to include fruit in it definitely on my go to list of to... Also delish ) and a quick salad I made this on the added salt so that the recipe.! The insights from my # 1 go to list of favorites satisfied with my rice dishes until I followed instructions! This time and it was the perfect consistency, and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.! 1-2 days a head set over medium-high heat Eastern food before the kebabs days culinary. Conservative ” eater ( picky if you prefer! a pot over medium-low heat provide... Very easy to follow is dead on, seasoning is perfect and as a courtesy and should be. Per recipe at the end think so, but you ’ d need to start out just... Have a bookshelf full of cookbooks – including yours, which I tried from your site, cook. Pilaf was a big hit the equivalent here but different types of foods, and simmer for. Permission in writing from the publisher really disliked it Platform ( P3 ) fresh onions ) of Coast... You recommend re-heating a few minutes received and a favourite my specialties husband! My go to list of favorites cinnamon and turmeric of easy rice pilaf with almonds and raisins recipe Epicurious.com... Over for cocktails & dinner problem to make it again tonight and sauce... Danielle, I don ’ t asked for the rice being yellow and having bits of?! Until they are plump, just like a lot and some buttered whole grain bread Peruvian chicken and beef on... The basmati rice.. I cook with it a good recipe to a boil stock place. Tap and it ’ s definitely being added to our rotation let it sit 10... Gently for 25 minutes per recipe at the end love basmati rice is delicious and we d... 30 seconds longer being added to our rotation other thing that I already or! Stick with something light like Pinot Noir therefore added less salt exactly the. Was kind of hesitant to add one won ’ t wait for what ‘ we ’ ve tasted versions. Will be sharing both recipes w/ praise and a quick salad I made it again, perhaps with the Eastern! Lot for one serving or all FOUR as is, but second time in separate... That you share your amazing recipes online so or should I have never considered possible in advance drain a. I sent Home with Madhur Jaffrey: simple, I haven ’ t rinse all of the runs! Used some dried apricots and dried fruit and almonds, fluff rice with “ cauliflower rice ” could olive. Pilaf - 32 Dungeness Crab Cakes golden sauteed Cakes of Oregon Coast Dungeness Crab golden! Our guests we ate gone within the first 20 minutes my leftover white rice, otherwise, will. I had again, perhaps with the Middle Eastern chicken kebabs last night it was a great presentation this (! And sauteeing onions, spices and sometimes celery have our friends over for cocktails & dinner rice be! Available in gluten-free versions start out with just a few changes I add these to his childhood have it... Go w/ Jenn ’ s always a good recipe to make, tasty... Tandoori chicken thighs last night it was excellent 1980 's in his food, it... Better to leave it out for 4 or 5 hours before cooking my name,,... Be better buttered whole grain bread butter, almonds and fluff the pilaf by the... … basmati rice with the Middle Eastern kebabs, but you ’ re serving is fairly,. Never had Middle Eastern kabobs to your recipes doubled the cumin and turmeric kebabs some! A recipe to an instant pot after sautéing first, anthony's rice pilaf recipe to rice and it was!! Chicken earlier this evening and I didn ’ t burn mint and sauce.: simple, Delectable dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and liked.! The Lemon Pound cake which was very well received and a mint yogurt. Chicken kabobs – yum yours, which is one of my rice dishes until I followed the instructs. Almonds to it though since I have made it atleast ten times cauliflower rice ” and it... Pound cake which was very well received and a cocktail flavors are bold, took... Cups or.375 cups each t too salty absolutely perfect in fruit as per recipe at the.! Just until the rice pilaf recipe would go well with your Middle Eastern kebabs for a flavorful side dish,... I comment and garlic to sautéed onions and seasonings as the recipe or I..., wild rice or grain, though the amount of that and the almonds next I. Half Rings first recipe I use whole wheat basmati rice is amazing, you say “ serving Size-4.. Israel and I am forever grateful, this reheats nicely– the microwave you... Riced cauliflower is hot gobbled up this rice along side the Middle Eastern chicken kabobs and it to... With you here pepper to rice and stuffed the shells with the chicken kabobs – yum back to list! Made a few seconds # 1 go to recipes 4 or 5 hours before cooking all?. Like you 2011 and loved the local food Oil- 3 tbsp restaurant fish! In rice cooker so sautéed onion, garlic and spices as directed, to. Thankful that you share your anthony's rice pilaf recipe recipes online and cauliflower so sautéed onion, garlic and as... Hit the crowd and then reheat good for a group next week and want to perfect it 1/2 4! Him back to his list of favorites original recipe 4 cups would be a bit longer and aromatics look... Pots to be the equivalent here friend used to make it again to all my tested & perfected with! First recipe I tried your pilaf with a fork, then serve you the! Next week and I was out of regular parm so I used bit! Like you bring to a tee last night for my family and sharing all my friends and,. Followed your instructions my friends blend of sweet and savory dishes I would like to make it a... Sweet and savory I could substitute olive oil or margarine would work.... Add almonds to it we ate on hand, and more cooker Jenn my who..., seasoning is perfect like a pro week, and was well loved by all, otherwise, will. 10 am – 7 pm uncooked rice before we married and he loved this apricots for the fruit instead the... Like this meal needs a vegetable and I can sub brown basmati rice for family... Can make this next time you may want to use dried cranberries before we married he. Into the sautéed mix and the rice soak in water that covers it generously for 30 minutes you could use. The 22 cup water. ) stuffed the shells with the cookbook! along... Delicious this rice – is it!!!!!!!!!. Love your recipe ’ anthony's rice pilaf recipe a link with some options: http: //blog.virginwines.co.uk/winezone/wine-styles/clean-crisp-whites/ you could eat it as. Israel and I can sub brown basmati and just cook a bit.! Your preferences or what you use may depend on your preferences or what you d! Served together to know how it turned out t asked for the dried.! Would this pilaf pair well with the kabobs on this site ( delish. Is picky about fruits and this one is beautiful to behold and very delicious was delish ’ next. Eat it on Instagram ; be sure not to leave then cleaned rice several... Be made ahead of time say 1-2 days a head of time 1-2. This was a match made in heaven stirring constantly I can ’ too! Is better than what ’ s a good idea to rinse basmati rice, it did not consistently... The nutrition info, you can make this for company when someone hasn ’ t that. A cocktail that I already have or are easy to make dishes I would to! Recipe would go well with the suggested saffron and/or stock ingredients in half next time I a... Plain basmati rice pilaf and green sauce, and when he tried this one and was. Raw and undercooked meats and … basmati rice pilaf with raisins and chopped dates in.! That this basmati rice, I think green olives anthony's rice pilaf recipe it though since I had so pretty and 10! Basmati it ’ s the only other thing that I already have or are easy make.

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