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Making Coconut Chutney has become one of our daily duty, because we serve idli or dosa for breakfast on most working days and coconut chutney is best served with that and hubby likes it a lot than any other chutney. The naturally colored and ginger flavored chutney makes the best side dish … share this. I have had it umpteen times – mom, granny, countless aunts’ and a few friends are all experts when it comes to making Coconut Chutney. This is a typical Coconut Chutney prepared in Kerala homes. Coconut Chutney / Kerala Style Coconut Chutney / Keralan Coconut Chutney. This recipe of coconut chutney Kerala style one in particular is a red chilli onion ginger coconut chutney. The fried red hot chilies add to the smoky heated flavor of Kerala Coconut Chutney. October 7, 2013 By Aarthi 13 Comments. This creamy, red coconut chutney has smokey undertones and a tinge of tang. Share. Kerala Coconut Chutney, bright and red colored from red hot chillies, makes a great accompaniment with breakfast food like idli, dosa and uttapam. simple and flavorful chutney that can be had with idli/dosa/appam/sevai and with most of the south Indian style breakfast dishes. The tangy flavor of tamarind tones the hotness making the chutney light and sour.

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