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These five years of study are equivalent to a Bologna Master (M.Sc/M.Eng/MCA). The engineering degree was called Diploma de inginer and the graduate was called a Inginer diplomat. Diploma Courses In Medicine . The program includes a seminar course (6 credits), a minimum of six graduate … The Graduate Diploma of Engineering Science allows you to develop your technical knowledge and skills in an existing engineering specialisation. It is open to professionals from industry, engineers and scientists, who wish to receive professional development education in mining engineering in a formal manner. Post Graduate Diploma In Marine Engineering (1 year) P.G. One needs a baccalaureate diploma to be accepted at the university. Who should choose this degree? Admission to P.G. in Diploma Courses for the Medical field is offered to students with a bachelor's … Degree Programs Graduate Diploma (Mining Engineering) The Graduate Diploma is a one-year, course-based, 30-credit degree in Mining Engineering. Engineers and graduates choose this program to advance and broaden their skills, and to progress to the Master of Engineering … The Graduate Diploma in Engineering is designed to train and enhance professional practice, advance technical and specialist skills, and provide an opportunity to put theory into practice with applied … Our Graduate Diploma in Engineering caters for engineering graduates and professionals who wish to gain further specialist knowledge in a discipline area.

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