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Ordering online is a great option – Most people buy beer in person, but that's often a mistake. It's easy to be a snob about own-brand supermarket beer, but there are times when it really hits the spot, say Tom Sandham and Ben McFarland The Takeout's fantasy food draft: Best supermarket beer. Supermarkets and off-licences nationwide. Here’s our guide to ferreting out the best supermarket beer. Craft beer: top 10 supermarket buys The big breweries are keen to muscle in on the craft beer market and their often ineffectual “craft” ales are now commonplace in high street stores. The Best Value Supermarket For Cheap Craft Beer. 1. Supermarket beer: it's much better than you think. Dry, fruity and malty with a clean finish, this is a great session beer. 4.5% ABV, Marston's, Burton-on-Trent. The New York International Beer Competition just named Lidl the 2018 Beer Supermarket of the Year. Most of us shop in supermarkets some or all of the time and there’s no denying that at their best they offer a solid variety of beer at very reasonable prices. The best deals are usually found online, whether that's at … If you’re not fussy, you’re lucky: buy whatever’s cheapest and enjoy! If you’ve ever wanted the gorgeous taste of an ind ependently made craft beer, but turned paler than an ale at the sight of the price, this may be the guide for you.. We've tracked down the 3 cheapest bottles of 15 major craft beer brands in all the big supermarkets, to come up with a list of the 45 best value craft beer bottles in the UK. But “supermarket beer” is pretty contingent on the supermarket and its selection; I was surprised to see Fat Tire as a “supermarket” beer while there are other craft-y breweries that have plenty of supermarket distribution that weren’t selected. As a German-based chain it's safe to say it knows a thing or two about beer. General Tips. You'll probably find out that you are short-changing yourself every time you make a supermarket beer purchase.

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