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If you’re creating smooth clean tones, miking with an R-121 … Slash’s Marshall was miked with an R-121 & SM57 … Incredible quality and they sound impeccable. Before Micing Up . The figure-eight pattern gives the R-121 … royer 121 sm57 e609 silver 500 series pre: purple audio biz chandler germanium great river 500 . The Royer Labs R-121 is a thing of beauty, looking like it came straight out of Motown. R-121/SM57 in Royer AxeMount Dual Mic Clip. Jan 13, 2009 #9 Cool thing with the Biz is that it … R-121 & SM57 combined on a Marshall 4-12 cabinet with no EQ, effects, or compression. A few years after Royer opened we visited Slash and recording engineer Jim Mitchell during a session. It’s a ribbon microphone with a figure-eight polar pattern. Knowing what you’re trying to capture is important before putting a microphone up. B. Bastille Sound Member. Royer mics are the standard bearers for ribbon microphones and the R-121 is the daddy of them all. I use them on virtually any source apart from vocals … Messages 81.

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