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Play. The bolts through them are 7/16"x6". Make sure your knees are … Lat exercises & latissimus dorsi workouts at home / gym: Big latissimus exercises to work out, strengthen and build lat muscles with or w/o weights. Play. Unmute. Try these lat exercises during your back workout routine. Exercise # 01: Seated Cable Rows (Equipment: a Seated cable row machine (Pull Down)) How to Perform? I know other lifters take an olympic bar and shove one end into a corner so the bar won't slide and do T-bar rows that way. At home exercises: Triceps Dips and Lat Rows . Remaining Ad Time Ad - 00:00. The obvious is these machines work your Upper back muscles with Lat Pulls and rows but, you can also work triceps, biceps and shoulders as well. Commercial T-bar row machines are expensive ($300 to $1100 and more) and take up a lot of space. Homemade power rack and lat tower pulley system: The pulleys are 3" heavy duty ones rated for 800 lbs. Remaining Ad Time Ad - 00:00. For example, you can use a resistance band in place of dumbbells for the bent-over row and in place of a cable machine for the lat pull-down (you’ll need a door attachment for the latter exercise). A Lat Machine will add an infinite amount of exercises to your home workout routine. ... (there's literally one called a lat pulldown), if you're at home with nothing but a set of weights ... 4 Single-Arm Bent-Over Row. You can make a homemade T-Bar row for alot less. You’ll need access to basic gym equipment for most of the following exercises, but some can be adapted to equipment you might have at home. Unmute. Best Lat Exercises for Men . To start off with this back exercise at home, sit down on the machine bench and place your feet on the front platform provided. The reason being that I designed and added on a high and low pulley system on the back like many commercial racks for lat pulldowns and cable rows.

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