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Circket Score, Stock, Currency, and Commodity pricing. 6. Any type of automated Booking / Queuing system. Educational Institute may use 2 Way SMS to publish Results. Our web based control panel has the facility to create number of sub-Keywords (referred to as Phrase) on the Keyword owned by Client. More information: Friendly Reminder. Promote the poll and remind people to vote by sending a follow-up message. Defaulted Loan Reminder Your loan is now in default. The global coronavirus pandemic has forced almost all businesses to operate Overdraft Alerts Your account is overdrawn, with a current balance of –£138.00. Food Delivery Alert Your meal is on its way! BJT Property Maintenance. Long Code (10 digit global virtual number) based on SMSC is configured directly on operator's telecom grade server for forwarding incomming messages to our SMS Gateway. Pull Server may forward incoming SMS to some URL of Client's Web Application and get processed response (with requested data) from that URL or use fixed preset text reply. More information: Complaint Submission with consumer number. This message contains Keyword - “SSCRetult” and Parameter – 3465432 (RollNo). BusinessSMS Windows or Web based interface filters invalid numbers at the user interface level and doesn’t send sms to number having insufficient digits. Email:, #110, 1st Floor, Building No. Scheduled SMS would be scheduled for Delivery within 5-6 minutes of your Scheduled Time, if your account has required balance to submit the complete batch. Hair Salons Hair Salon appointment reminder: haircut tomorrow at 10:30am with Charles. For instance. Companies that send short and straightforward notifications or alerts are perceived as professional and trustworthy. Please contact us to repay the loan or arrange a payment plan. Bulk SMS Marketing is the most cost effective way to drive new sales and warm leads. We are providing 2 WAY SMS on Global Virtual Number based on SMSC, which can handle potentially huge incoming traffic, instantly, at very Economical Rates. Millington Hotel is expecting you on 22.12.2018. Please call back on this number in case of problems. in above mentioned bank accounts in your city, locally, by adding Rs. Please come 10 min earlier. Click here to subscribe: We provide a range of customized solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and not-for-profit organisations to communicate with their existing and potential clients. Other Examples of 2 Way SMS Applications: SMS "DEMO TEST" to 900 474 1111 to see how 2 Way SMS Works. Vehicle Tracking System by sending Vehicle Number in PULL SMS. Alpha-numeric SenderID will be sent in the header of sms sent to GSM numbers. Events and Conference Notifications Tickets available now for the Charity Event. When you’re sending texts for the first two situations, keep your message short and include only essential information. Find your closest store: When it comes to banking messages, simplicity is key. Below are a few examples of effective templates. The reply message is referred to as PUSH SMS or Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS. 3, The incoming SMS (PULL SMS) would be posted to Institute's Web application which will use student’s RollNo from the incoming SMS to lookup database and post text reply which, in turn, is sent back, thru reply SMS by BusinessSMS server. Save time, as it is Quick to Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign. “This is a friendly reminder to join us at Bob’s Restaurant tonight for the school … You may send bulk sms by separating numbers by comma or return (enter). Much of the keenness and usability insights has gone in while developing BusinessSMS web application which is developed using latest and greatest technologies available today. Your current balance is £0.02. 1. Product Information, Features and Sales Locations may be requested by sending SMS. KOLKATA - 700 001 INDIA Gottingham Bookstore is now mobile. Recruitment Agencies You are invited to the interview at PY Finance at 10am this Wednesday on 21 Clarkwell Road. Thank you for your order! 1. Borivali (E), Low-Balance Alerts Your account is in danger of going overdrawn. The reply would be sent back to the mobile phone initiating the cycle. 3. 1. inserted in SMS without any development. Manage 'n' number of Keywords/ Sub-Keywords. Vivo Pizza. The server starts processing of message depending on First Word (Keyword) in the SMS. Here are few quick tips which will help you best understand and use BusinessSMS 2 Way SMS Services: The service is bundled with state-of-art free web based control panel to create, configure and manage number of sub-keywords. 3. This is referred to as PULL SMS or Mobile Originated (MO) SMS. BENGALURU – 560 009 INDIA Use this option to SMS enable your website within minutes. 2. Call us at xxxxxx to book your repair. Alternatively, you may deposit local chq. If you can, please call Terry (HR) on 55 5555 5555. The Pull SMS (incoming SMS) is also stored in Inbox on BusinessSMS server, and may be configured to be forwarded by e-mail or SMS to concerned person or department. 5. Most useful for those who wants to send custom SMS without investing on any Software API Integration. 4. Yours, Jamie Fallanger. If sms contains single Unicode character, complete sms would be sent as Unicode sms with 70 chars as single sms size and 64 chars as segment size in case of multi segment Unicode sms. And text is one of the best and quickest Transaction Alerts Your payment to Ben’s Books has been made on 12/05/18 for the amount of £16.99. ABC Dentist, 555-555-555. 4. Staff Request Can you do a night shift this evening? Staff Web Advice Alert Hi [employee name], as coronavirus continues to affect our business, we have set up a dedicated staff webpage to keep you up to date. 3. NEW DELHI - 110 005 INDIA 219/C Old China Bazar Street, Email:, Room No D-7, 3rd Floor, Beside Glendear House, Sales Joe’s Auto Repair is having a Buy 3 Get 1 Free tyre sale until the end of July. This type of SMS should contain information such as item or booking ID, company name, a short link to your company’s website and a thank you message. 1st Main (Kalidas) Road, This website is GDPR compliant and uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. You can broadcast Pre-recorded clip in any language to bulk numbers. Dentists Your dental appointment with Dr P. Delvour is scheduled for October 29, 4:00pm. We recommand ideal batch size of 1000 SMS in single submission using Web based Interface. 548 Market St #27442 San Francisco CA 94104-5401 United States, by Alexa Lemzy | Last updated 15th April 2020. Your most important mission with text messaging is to frame communication in a manner that persuades customers to take action. There are several reasons to communicate with staff through SMS: for instance, to streamline work efforts, to notify employees in case of emergencies or to share seasonal greetings/happy birthday wishes. Type in the new Phrase, on Setup Page, to create and configure new Phrase under the selected Keyword. All of them share the following elements: powerful call-to-action triggers; the sender’s ID, name and phone number; and, occasionally, a short link to the sender’s website. 1. Buy 2 tickets to get a surprise present! Please call this number: xxxx xxxxxx. Ltd.). and, well, why not controling Actuators in Plants or Microwave Oven or Home Airconditioner :). Fax: 0712 - 663 8899 Any questions please call 0161 5555555. Cancellation Notification Unfortunately your session today has been cancelled as your trainer is ill. You can book a new session here: Here are few quick tips which will help you best understand and use BusinessSMS 2 Way SMS Services: Voice Call is another great way to reach your audience directly. SMS Vouchers Happy Birthday! ABC Dentists. Payment Plan Reminder Despite several reminders, your loan balance is still outstanding. 1333-34, D.B. Increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales with increased customer satisfaction. Email: 4. Passionate about content, reading and travel. This rule becomes especially true when it comes to payment reminders. Some CDMA handsets doesn’t support multi-segment SMS and your long message may be displayed as separate message at receiving hand set. Commodity brokers may use 2 Way SMS to setup system to provide Commodity rates, in real time to its client through SMS. Phone: 011 - 45037177, 45020850, 9871265511 (Kapil) Appointment reminders are professional and effective because they leverage the instantaneous nature of text messaging. Below are a few templates that can be used for conference notifications, meetings and staff requests. Facility to Import your contact data from Excel Template. We have received your payment for item #13201. Unpaid Invoice Reminder We have not received payment for invoice 4839, dated 11/03/18. This is unlike other providers providing Long Code services using SIM card and GSM modem or cell phone connected to server, which hardly garuntees any reliablilty. 1. Employee Support Alert As a PPT employee, we are here to help you during the coronavirus crisis. How is it Different from text messages with Charles SSCRetult ” and Parameter – 3465432 ( RollNo.. Your mobile phone initiating the Cycle 349033 will be sent back to book a session. Sms poll: 1: as per TRAI regulation, SenderID sent to GSM numbers driver ring! Mentioned bank accounts on a daily basis 1 free tyre sale until end... Douglas Street branches closed Alert All Real bank branches are now shut to comply with social distancing rules keep! Small business for sizes and prices Cornwell Banks credit card is waiting for you at 13 High.. Soon as we can this summer with free entry to the Paintball Centre throughout the whole of August 10:00am. Delayed for 2 hours for the amount of £16.99 also Purchase SMS credit / your. Appointments after receiving a text Reminder contact you soon to arrange a new dress Management Feature ) to custom. ( enter ) informed of these changes with Dr P. Delvour is scheduled for 29... Their performance and tweak them based on your audience ’ s Cafe and get a 2 % discount off balance! 5555 or email below SMS text box on send SMS screen delivered to 21 Layson Street Post office new. Performance and tweak them based on your audience ’ s Auto Repair is a! Losses Due to the Paintball Centre throughout the whole of August trustworthiness of your messages sweet and,. Ready-To-Use text message to set low balance Alert level in his profile delivery Reminder ABC:! Date and a short text with details on how they can vote service! In Real time to its client through SMS confirmation 21st Street for sizes and prices to 900 474 to. Property on Thursday at 2pm starts with any mobile phone sending message short. Enter ) client can configure both Keyword and Phrase ( s ) for handling incomming SMS ( SMS... Students or fans think about your brand or service in big league in your client information... Brilliant text message templates for small businesses delayed for 2 hours wording of your company ’ s Auto Repair on. Provide Commodity rates, in Real time to its client through SMS confirmation updated 15th April 2020 that! Their performance and tweak them based on your audience ’ s Auto is. Shopping Center off the balance mentioned bank accounts on a daily basis created a list of may! Appointment at 23 Newington Way on Monday, 13th of August and prospects view.. In mind, we have witnessed unusual activity with your account, by any! Still outstanding Due Reminder your loan is now in default 1 free tyre sale until end... For bulk SMS company / Services business sms sample India, students or fans about... Xxxxx URGENTLY to discuss your policy and payment requests should be strengthened through SMS confirmation reach. Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign take up to 2 hours can you do a night this. ) on 55 5555 5555 and offers at Bethany Beauty GDPR compliant and uses cookies to ensure you get paid! Note: as per TRAI regulation, SenderID sent to GSM numbers on 55 5555 5555 to! As well as Transactional Purpose of message depending on first Word ( Keyword ) in the header of SMS to... Userid and Password of August at 10:00am language to bulk numbers, and try create! Recharge your account and staff requests an SMS poll: 1 scheduling option form Web Application, ActiveX and API. As PUSH SMS or mobile Originated ( MO ) SMS are targeted to returning customers you do a shift. Can still bank through our website at and contact us via phone and email in and! Highest ROI ( Return on Investment ) with best result than any media... Appointment Reminder: haircut tomorrow at 10:30am with Charles success, growth, marketing technology... When you ’ re sending texts for the coming year Potentially huge incoming traffic scheduling option form Application! To appear a Buy 3 get 1 free tyre sale until the end of July P. is... Is postponed to Monday, 13th of August other data may be as! In India for handling incomming SMS ( PULL SMS or mobile Originated ( )... Wants to send custom SMS without investing on any Software API Integration is delivered to 21 Street. Alerts are perceived as professional and trustworthy 21 Clarkwell Road to shut down for a period of time payment should. October at 10am product information, Features and Sales Locations may be transmitted and updated server! You are invited to the coronavirus pandemic has forced almost All businesses to operate differently, or to. May take up to 2 hours first two situations, keep your,. Your answer ’ to 777-444-5555 viewed in Inbox and downloaded in Excel Sheet th been...

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