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It seems to be the general standard for ER nurses to staff trauma admission/ resuscitation, but recently I've learned that some hospitals (such as Shock/Trauma in Baltimore and Medstar WHC in D.C.) use ICU nurses to staff their trauma … Channel surf any time of day or night and you’re almost certain to find at least one television program that is based on hospitals and the nurses and physicians who work in them. Trauma … The differences between a trauma nurse and an ER nurse. “The nursing duties are the same wherever you work—except in the emergency department, everything is compressed,” says former trauma and transport nurse Pat Carroll. Trauma nurses deal almost exclusively with this patient population. ER vs ICU nurses in trauma resuscitation. The role of an ER doctor is to stabilize and treat patients in the ER, and refer them for admission to the hospital or further care from other specialists, if needed. Whether it’s a serious real-life medical drama such as "ER… She shares that ER nurses are often … Another difference between trauma surgeons vs. ER doctors involves their contact with patients. When nursing students investigate potential career paths, I’ll sometimes be asked, “What’s the difference between a trauma nurse and an ER nurse. Aren’t they the same thing?” For the novice nurse…

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