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What is the difference between production and operations? ... Production and Operations Management are so closely intertwined, that it is quite difficult to differentiate the two. We tend to use the term "Production management" when the result is a physical product, and "operations management" when the output is … Production and operations management are more similar than different: if manufacturing products is a prime concern then it is called production management, whereas management of services is somewhat broader in scope and called operations management … Difference between Production and Operations Management. Other Comparisons: What's the difference… Key Differences Between Production and Operation Management. Operations management will touch on all these subjects where are production will only touch in the production … Production management covers administer all the activities which are involved in the process of production. As nouns the difference between production and operation is that production is the act of producing, making or creating something while operation is the method by which a device performs its function. Production management’s operational scope is limited to production. With its help, a production manager creates a compelling production … Operations is about overall management many aspects such as logistics,quality, production and warehousing. Scope of operation is a significant point of difference between production and operation management. On the other hand, operations management … 5.

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