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Raskog Utility Cart. An upgrade from the card table I used to sew on. Way cheaper than the average sewing tables you can find online, and this one fits my machine perfectly! I also love the space underneath! Having one of these simple to use table options can make or … 2. All the tools, paint (I still need to paint! 10 IKEA products for your sewing space 1. https://www.ikeahackers.net/2018/03/smart-sewing-table-sliding-tray.html ), wood, screws and bolts added up to $138 dollars. At $20 a pop, these are nice study tables for sewing. Portable, durable and easy to use, these Ikea folding tables are the perfect addition to a home where extra space, or unexpected dinner guests, is a constant concern. Jun 30, 2016 - Find Ikea Folding Tables. I used the same table (the IKEA Ingo) as used in both the Blue Dinosaur and From Marta Tutorials, but we still ended up hitting a few snags. Linmon Tables with Adils Legs.

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